Smart Board Governance for the AI Revolution

"Smart Board Governance for the AI Revolution" is a comprehensive guide aimed at equipping board members with the essential knowledge and tools to navigate the integration of artificial intelligence in corporate governance. Written by Timothy G. Glowa, a non-executive director, seasoned Big 4 consultant and strategic advisor, the book emphasizes the transformative impact of AI on business strategy, ethics, and risk management. Through detailed research and real-world case studies, it offers practical insights into aligning AI initiatives with company values and ensuring responsible, ethical AI deployment. This book serves as a crucial resource for boards looking to lead their organizations confidently through the AI-driven future. #TheAIRevolution


Govern the AI Revolution with Confidence and Integrity

As artificial intelligence (AI) reshapes industries and challenges traditional governance, corporate boards must evolve to maintain ethical and strategic oversight. "Smart Board Governance for the AI Revolution" by Timothy G. Glowa offers an essential roadmap for board members and executives, equipping them to master AI integration while aligning initiatives with company values, strategic goals, and ethical standards. This book is your key to leading with confidence in the AI era.
  • Expert Guidance:

    Gain insights from Timothy G. Glowa, a seasoned consultant with extensive experience in corporate governance and AI strategy
  • Comprehensive Frameworks:

    Access practical frameworks and case studies for implementing effective AI governance in your organization
  • Future-Proof Strategies:

    Prepare your board for the challenges and opportunities of the AI revolution with forward-thinking strategies and best practices
  • Ethical Leadership:

    Ensure your AI initiatives uphold ethical standards and contribute positively to your organization and society

What People Say

Discover why industry leaders are calling "Smart Board Governance for the AI Revolution" an essential guide for mastering AI governance with ethical and strategic precision.
  • "An essential read for board members and executives. Tim Glowa provides a clear roadmap for navigating the complexities of AI governance with integrity and strategic foresight."
    Peter Alen, CMO & Non-Executive Director
  • "Tim Glowa demystifies the challenges of AI integration with clarity and precision. This book is a must-read for board members aiming to lead with ethical and strategic foresight in the AI era."
    Bob Andrews, CEO and Director
  • "A crucial resource for anyone involved in corporate governance. Tim Glowa's insights are both profound and practical, making this book an invaluable tool for navigating AI's complexities."
    Lucy Smith, Non-executive Director