Assess AI Risk and Opportunity with Confidence: The AERO Matrix

Make informed decisions with our AI risk and opportunity assessment framework

Aero matrix

Are you struggling to assess the risk and opportunity of AI for your business? The AERO Matrix is here to help.

The AERO Matrix (stands for AI Evaluation of Risk and Opportunity) is a comprehensive framework for assessing AI risk and opportunity. It provides a clear and structured approach to evaluating the potential benefits and risks of AI, ensuring that your business can make informed decisions about AI adoption


· Assess AI Risk and Opportunity: Evaluate the potential risks and opportunities of AI for your business

· Make Informed Decisions: Make data-driven decisions about AI adoption with confidence

· Strategic and Governance Considerations: Ensure that your AI strategy aligns with your business goals and governance requirements

· Data-Driven Decision-Making: Use data to inform your AI decisions and avoid costly mistakes

· Stay Ahead of the Competition: Understand what could be done with AI and how damaging it would be if a competitor moved first, giving you a competitive edge in the market